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Thank you Scott. You did an excellent job redesigning & building my new website. Your skill and artistic eye are evident. I highly recommend Whittaker Websites to everyone. - Tawny Carlson, The Animal Pro, LLC

Scott and Whittaker Websites have been an integral part of our choral program. Horizon Choirs has had a revolving set of parent volunteers running the parent organization and through it all, Scott has steadfastly been at the helm with our website. He has always been helpful and extremely efficient to updating and improving our website. Thank you Scott and Whittaker Websites. - Chelly ManiuszkoHorizon High School Choir program

I needed to completely start fresh with a new website for my business, I was referred to Scott by a mutual friend. I found working with Scott to be very easy and intuitive. Communicating to him what I envisioned and wanted was effortless. He helped me to evolve a simple vision into a functional, fantastic looking website. Scott not only provided guidance in the building of the site but helped me to think outside of the box and consider different avenues which ultimately produce a much more successful product. I found it very refreshing that Scott was not only willing, but invited the challenge of trying different things when I presented new ideas he wasn’t familiar with. Our business is now #1 in Google rankings and search in our respective industry, We would never have achieved that with out Scotts hard work. I can’t say enough good thing about working with Scott and highly recommend him for any business looking to take their web presence to the next level. - Adam Cornette, Owner, Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution.

Working with Scott at Whittaker Websites was the perfect solution for my website needs. Scott helped us re-design our website in a quick and efficient manner. Whenever I had a question, he was always there with an answer. With great enthusiasm for his work, Scott helped us create the highest quality professional website. Not only did Scott help us produce the exact look and feel of our business, he also incorporated cutting edge ideas which enhanced the effectiveness of the site for today’s high tech world. We look forward to working with Whittaker Websites for many years to come.Yvonne Napolitano, Executive Director of Adult Care Services, Inc.

I have worked with Scott sine 1999. He has been not only a value to me, but to my clients as well. Scott has taken care of many business websites as a result of referring my clients and associates to him. Scott has also done two websites for me personally. His experience is top notch, and I can always count on him for a quick response and quick results. More importantly, Scott has the utmost integrity and is extremely fair with his pricing.
Michele Greenberg

"Scott Whittaker and his business, Whittaker Websites, are the most responsive, amazing, caring, detailed, on top of things website company I have ever known. Often, with other companies, it can take weeks to get changes done, but not with Scott and his team - with Whittaker Websites it only takes a couple of hours and you are good to go :) Thank You Whittaker Websites! We couldn't grow without you!" - Shauna Wekherlien, CPA, MTax - Tax Goddess Business Services, PC

"My working relationship with Whittaker Websites for the past five years has been an entirely positive experience. Scott Whittaker's expertise, knowledge, and professionalism, not to mention his efficiency and timeliness in getting the job done, has given Shell Commercial an effective website we are continually proud of."  - Anita Martinez - Shell Commercial Real Estate

"As a “technically challenged” person, I have enjoyed working with Scott for approximately 12 years. I find that Scott has an analytical approach to the development of a website and initially asked me questions I had not considered with regard to current and future use of my website and marketing. He was able to develop a layered approach to meet my growing needs. Scott’s experience provided me an integrated perspective that included facets I had not considered in order to use my website for online marketing. I was consulted on every step of the way and given the opportunity to be responsive with multiple choices, in which I enjoyed being able to participate. Any changes I requested were completed very quickly and accurately. Please feel free to visit my website at www.elizabethwinterlaw.com and see how I am marketed online, including Google maps."  - Elizabeth Winter - Attorney

After our initial face to face meeting and a few e-mails we were up and running, . Our first web inquiry resulted in a lease that paid for the entire website! His design is wonderful and am always surprised how quickly he completes our updates.

My working experience with Whittaker Websites has been nothing short of phenomenal--for several disparate but connected reasons. The first reason that I can say this with conviction is that I am accustomed to getting very high compliments for the format, user friendliness, ease of navigation and clarity of my website--not only from my barn clients all over the US but from web developers and professionals in the IT sphere. I knew Scott has a strong background in the printing business and handled a lot of high end art, horse show and and business promotion--and as such would put quality above everything. I have not been disappointed...and with over half my barn clients coming off the internet their first impression of my business is already sky high based on their web visits.

Second--and I say this with deep gratitude--Scott is a true collaborator--and while wonderfully competent in his own right, he does not forget that this is my website and is always willing to attempt to address my idiosyncratic needs and emphases for my unique buildings. Another way that his unflinching service of my company comes to the fore is that he is never defensive when I address an error (which we both make in the plethora of communications we exchange) or change I wish to make. I do not have time to waste arguing about minutiae, but he is willing to express his opinions and share his expertise in no uncertain terms which have guided and served me well in both the initial development and ongoing maintenance of the site.

Last--Scott is quick and efficient and usually has my new pages up within a day of my sending him new information on another completed building (we build about a dozen a year). He is very reasonably priced--and I love the fact I can have him manage my site diagonally across the country 3000 miles away in a moment. Getting a website was the best business decision I ever made...our business has steadily grown in what is considered a very tough market for the last ten years. The second best decision I made was to find someone who has an intuitive sense of organization, art, beauty and and simple logic to pull it off...so I chose a close friend whom I had known for years who had just gone into web development after selling his printing company--because I knew he really cared about doing whatever he would do with perfection and true service as his goal. This is what I get in return--just for sending an email.... - George E. Abetti dba Geobarns LLC

I have ben working with Whittaker Websites since 2006 and continue to use and recommend to others. Scott transformed my archaic first website into a very professional and easy to navigate site. He has always met our deadlines and any updates are typically completed within 24 hours of requesting. Quality of work and ease of working with are why Whittaker Websites continues to maintain my website. - Susan Evans - Il Gusto del Paese

Having collaborated with Scott for eight years on website projects, I know I can depend on his dedication to providing professional web development. I am happy to send him referrals because clients are amazed at the speed of his response time to their requests. He's very reliable and listens intently allowing him to produce websites that fit the needs of his clients and their target markets.  - Julia Lauer Ambush Graphics

I have worked with Whittaker Websites for our company’s website maintenance for a number of years. Scott is reliable and always does an excellent job in representing our company’s vision. When he commits to updates and web projects, we always completes them on the date promised. I would highly recommend Scott and Whittaker Websites for your website management, design or maintenance. - Jeannia Smith - Arizona Catering

Whittaker Websites has been incredibly great to work with on my website and giving me a new viewpoint on how the website is set up and making it function. Scott is very quick on posting information and runs a very reliable company! - Amy Stephens, allied ASID, RYT Stephens ID